Wood Utilisation and Processing Timber Frame Factory

Kickstart your career in Forestry – Forestry Commission Tour

Wood Utilisation and Processing

On the 28th of February we welcomed a group of students to our factory for a presentation and tour, to assist with their programme “Kickstart your career in Forestry” by the Forestry Commission.

The apprentices are studying for their Wood Utilisation and Processing Module, this aims to provide the students with an understanding of the utilisation of wood as a raw material. During this module, students will cover the biology of wood and how the properties of wood relate to its potential utilisation. All of the main uses for wood will be considered and the process applied to the conversion of wood into the end product will be considered in detail. By the end of the module, students will be able to assess potential end uses for standing trees, identify current markets and understand product optimisation and how best to maximise yield.

The outcome of the visit was to assist in the understanding of:

  • Knowledge of where the wood we use comes from, home grown/imported.
  • What challenges do we face in wood supply and quality etc.
  • Why wood is a sustainable product and how it contributes to carbon-zero house building.
  • If we use any other wood products such as glulam, ply/chip/mdf and or wood insulation.
  • The overall design process etc.
  • Understand the biology and process of wood formation in trees and how wood properties relate to utilisation.
  • Wood properties and their relationship to utilisation
  • Identify appropriate markets and valuations for a range of wood products.

“It was such a great way to start off our week and see all the timber products the students had learnt about the week before being put to practical use in your houses. It really helped complete the picture of why we grow timber and where it goes.”- Lajla Cash, Apprentice Lecturer.

The students successfully gained the knowledge they needed for Wood Utilisation and Processing.

Kickstart your career in Forestry