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Modern timber frame structures are precision-engineered, strong and durable. The build method relies on a factory manufactured timber frame as a means of structural support. The construction of timber frame-based structures utilises factory manufactured wall panels, floor and roof panels.

Timber frame currently accounts for around a quarter of all new homes being built in the UK. This build method is utilised by every sector of the construction industry from large hotels to single builds. This is due to timber frame’s superb environment credentials, as well as being quick and easy to construct.

Our comprehensive Timber Frame service includes full design, structural engineering, manufacture and installation of our products where required. We also have an ISO9001 quality management system in place to ensure that our strict standards are adhered to throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Our key Timber Frame staff are some of the most knowledgeable people working in the industry today.

Lowfield Timber Frames Ltd are members of the Structural Timber association and TRADA.

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The inclusion of Oak features can provide a structurally-efficient way to provide a new level of aesthetic appeal to the building design for traditionally-styled homes.

There are many options regarding Oak sizes and finishes that we can match client’s requirements every time. A true hybrid superstructure that efficiently combines timber frame (or SIPs) main structure with oak features will always enhance a traditionally-styled build, without compromise with insulation and airtightness.

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Structural Insulated Panels are an advanced method of construction, exploiting composite panel techniques – delivering excellent structural and thermal characteristics in one system. SIPS have two parallel faces – usually Oriented Strand Board (OSB) – sandwiching a rigid core of Polyurethane (PUR) foam.

Delivering rapid and robust energy efficient buildings, with superior insulation, structural strength and airtightness – SIP systems are used for walls, roofs and floors. Structural Insulated Panels offer extremely high thermal performance throughout the lifecycle of the building.

We believe that the Kingspan TEK Building System is the most comprehensive, detailed, tested and researched SIP system available on the market today. The backup and support that we receive from Kingspan and are therefore able to offer you our customer is both excellent and unrivalled.


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Glued laminated timber or glulam as it is more commonly known, is an engineered wood product, manufactured from layers of parallel timber laminations. Individual laminates can be finger-jointed to produce long lengths creating aesthetic features.

One of the greatest advantages of glulam is that it can be manufactured in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and configuration. Curved glulam can be achieved by bending laminates on formers before being bonded together with adhesive, clamped and cured.

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