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Supporting the community – Ponthafren And Tir Coed

Supporting Local Mental Health Charity

The brief – Activity for a raised bed workshop

The Community Garden Group at Welshpool Ponthafren, having previously built a large bug hotel, wanted to enhance the area by building raised beds to grow herbs and edible flowers that would help attract insects, pollinators and reptiles to the garden.

Tir Coed kindly provided a tutor who facilitated the day, imparting his knowledge, expertise and time to assist the group in making the raised beds.

Morrisons Community Connector also attended the day and kindly donated plants, seeds & compost for the community garden, along with joining in with the building of the raised beds.

Lowfield Timber Frames Ltd donated the timber, for which they were very grateful for as this enabled the workshop to go ahead. Although most of the timber was used there is enough left over for another smaller project to be completed.

Powis Castle National Trust kindly provided an area for the Community Garden Group and whilst they were happy for Ponthafren to use this area to grow vegetables and flowers, they are also very supportive and happy to provide both knowledge and practical help if needed.

Members of the Community Garden Group will gain a feeling of accomplishment and pride when they can see the fruits of their labour, they also value the support they receive from each other, which in turn helps with their mental health and well-being needs.

All involved enjoyed having a project that not only enhances what they are doing at the garden but also helps with team building and cohesiveness of the group. The group hope to undertake more projects over the coming months as the garden develops to enhance their environment and welcome new members to the group each week.

A fantastic project to support. We look forward to seeing the progress of the garden. Read the full story in the press.