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If you are looking to Self Build a Timber Frame house, Lowfield Timber Frames have the knowledge, experience and products to assist you with your build. We complete numerous Self Build contracts throughout our trading year, varying in material specification and also complexity and see this part of the industry as one of our key markets.

Everything that we do is bespoke, we have redeveloped our business to be able to service this market. We are used to dealing with multiple building types of moderate to really high complexity and pride ourselves in being able to deliver them on budget, and on time.

We are also able to offer our Self Build customers a number of unique Service pack options depending on how you see your build progressing. Each one of our customers have a different view of what a Self Build is.

Our services generally fall under two categories,

1. Structural kit supply only

This includes the following

  • Full frame design including structural engineering
  • Calculations as required for Building Regulations
  • Structural kit as specified in quotation
  • Ancillary components as specified
  • Delivery to site
  • Technical support and back up

This package is aimed at the Self Builder who wishes to manage all of the trades individually on site. You may have a local Carpentry Contractor who is familiar with installing a Timber Frame kit who would also be staying on site to complete other works such as Soffits, Fascia’s, First Fix, Kitchens etc which you wish to use.

If SIPS is ordered, we would need to establish if the Carpentry Contractor has installed a SIPS system previously. The Kingspan TEK system has a BBA certificate and requires connections, joints and details completing to an appropriate standard to ensure compliance. If this is a concern, the next option could be for you!

2. Supply and fix

This option includes the following

In addition to service package 1

  • Erection of wall system by our trained operatives
  • Erection of floor system by our trained operatives
  • Erection of roof system by our trained operatives
  • Site technical support and back up
  • Project signed off by our contract manager

This package is aimed at the Self Builder who still wishes to manage all of the trades individually on site but would prefer to put the responsibility for supplying and installing the structural frame system with the appropriate manufacturer to minimise any risk.

This is our most common service package. Our trained on site erectors and Contracts Management teams will ensure a speedy build whilst maintaining high standards of workmanship, accuracy and quality at the same time.

Why use Timber Frame?


  • Timber frames are quicker to complete than masonry builds
  • The impact of weather is reduced
  • Construction doesn’t need to stop during rain, frost and snow. Builds can be weather proofed in days.
  • No drying out period.
  • Spreads site labour across multiple labour pools


  • Saving in construction costs and operational costs, helping to save money in the long run.
  • Reduced overheads
  • Rental income streams start earlier
  • Social housing grant can be drawn down earlier, reducing interest payments on capital to fund developments.


  • All supply and erect contracts have a dedicated contracts manager to oversee projects.
  • Acoustic performance, timber frame creates better sound insulation between rooms.
  • Thermal insulation creating lower heating bills
  • Fire robustness, there is no greater risk of a fire occurring in a timber frame home.


  • Frames are constructed in a quality-controlled factory setting. Frames are all pre-fabricated meaning:
  • Reduced time on site
  • Reduced waste
  • Site waste has an inherent value
  • Timber waste can be mostly recycled
  • Reduced defects
  • Increased air tightness
  • Reduced quantity of site labour
  • Reduced working time at height (up to 80%)


  • The timber industry successfully plants more trees than what is used, allowing for forestry growth
  • Completely renewable source
  • Carbon neutral material- lowest CO2 cost of all building materials

Flexible Design

  • Glulam products provide strength and design flexibility
  • Lighter construction for foundations where there are poor ground conditions, which may limit building materials.

Stages of Production 


1. Estimating

-Prepare quotation on receipt of your architects’ drawings
-Discuss any specific requirements or optional items


2. Placement of Order

-Receipt of signed order & deposit to cover initial design & engineering
-Receipt of frozen Architects drawings


3. Preliminary Design

-Design review
-Preparation of Line & Point loads or simple confirmation of load bearing walls
-Preparation of Plans & Vertical Alignment drawings for approval


4. Approval

-Client comments on General Arrangements & Vertical Alignment Drawings
-Amend as necessary
-Client Approval (drawing freeze)
-Confirm Delivery Date
-Client proceeds with ground works/ slab


5. Design for Manufacture

-Complete Engineering
-Complete design for production
-Issue to the Factory to meet production slot


6. Production and Delivery

-Confirm delivery date
-Cut & manufacture panels
-Cut & process floors
-Pick Ancillary items
-Load for delivery


7. On Site

-Check base for dimensional accuracy (+/- 10mm)
-Our site attendances
-Risk Assessment, Method Statement
-Erection & Sign off
-Completion Certificate


8. Over to you






STA assure gold

We are proud to be an STA Assure Gold member. The accreditation highlights the differing levels of quality procedures, management systems and product performance standards, together with external accreditations.



Why use an STA member?

Being part of the largest UK trade association within the structural timber sector, allows us to enhance quality and drive product innovation through technical guidance and research.
This scheme offers reassurances to the construction community that we meet or even exceed current legislation and regulatory requirements. As an STA member we operate to Site Safe scheme, ensuring construction is both safe and sustainable.


Woodknowledge Wales

We are proud to be members of Woodknowledge Wales. Woodknowledge Wales champion the development of wood-based industries for increased prosperity and well-being in Wales.
They harness the collective spirit of businesses and organisations to put trees, timber processing and wood products at the heart of the green growth agenda in Wales. The aim is to increase the market for wood, and to find ways to use wood better and to increase the supply and value of the homegrown resource.
Woodknowledge Wales seeks to inspire a movement capable of leading a dramatic expansion of the forestry and wood-based industries in Wales.

See our webpage footer to see all our accreditations and memberships.

Accreditations and Memberships

Diary of a Self Builder


Name: Mr & Mrs Yarwood
Site: Rose House, Ellesmere


Why did you decide to build?

Originally looked at buying a ready built property but found the ones offering the size and layout we liked were always outside our budget. Also, more often than not, they were on a very small plot.


Why did you choose to build with Timber Frame?

Speed of construction and we felt this type of construction offered us a better chance of building an energy efficient and air tight property.


Why did you choose Lowfield Timber Frames?

They came with a good reputation and we found the company good to deal with and felt they were going to be around for a long time to come, unlike others we looked at.


Did you face any problems? If so, were these resolved and how did Lowfield help you overcome these problems?

No real problems and those minor ones were dealt with quickly and efficiently.


Would you consider building again?

If I were 30 years younger but now I look forward to growing a nice garden, in my retirement, to surround our new house.


Would you recommend Lowfield Timber Frames?

Yes most definitely.


Additional comments?

We have to thank Pete and his team for a job really well done in record time and for Gemma for keeping her finger on the pulse of the project.




Self Builder Testimonials


“If you’re searching for a top class product, installed by friendly, professional staff, you need look no further than Lowfield. They actually care about the quality of their service and bend over backwards to ensure your happiness. Their after-sales care is astounding and makes you feel like you’re more than a customer and really matter to them.”-Mr & Mrs C Davies


“Very tolerant company when unexpected problems occur. Have absolutely star fitters which inspire confidence.”- Mr. G. Fagan


“Lowfield Timbers provided us with a wonderful structure and thoroughly professional service.”- Mr. C. Watson


“Lowfield Timber Frame have consistently exceeded expectations on quality of product and level of service provided on site and as a timber frame provider represent excellent value for money. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lowfield on upcoming projects.”- Mr. R. Shuttleworth


“An amazing experience with a professional team who are more like a family. Great customer service, before, during and after the build. Came as customers left as friends. Up in just 4 days!!”- Peter Dawes

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