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Why use Timber Frame?


Timber framing has been popular in building construction for thousands of years thanks to the sturdy, resilient qualities of the material and relative ease of construction. Timber frame is a precision engineered structure that is remarkably strong and durable.

All our timber frames are constructed off site and delivered to site in kits.


  •     Timber frames are quicker to complete than masonry builds
  •     The impact of weather is reduced
  •     Construction doesn’t need to stop during rain, frost and snow. Builds can be weather proofed in days.
  •     No drying out period.
  •     Spreads site labour across multiple labour pools



  •     Saving in construction costs and operational costs, helping to save money in the long run.
  •     Reduced overheads
  •     Rental income streams start earlier
  •     Social housing grant can be drawn down earlier, reducing interest payments on capital to fund developments.



  •      All supply and erect contracts have a dedicated contracts manager to oversee projects.
  •      Acoustic performance, timber frame creates better sound insulation between rooms.
  •      Thermal insulation creating lower heating bills
  •      Fire robustness, there is no greater risk of a fire occurring in a timber frame home.


  •      Frames are constructed in a quality-controlled factory setting
  •      Frames are all pre-fabricated meaning:

o   reduced time onsite

o   reduced waste

- site waste has an inherent value

- timber waste can be mostly recycled

o   reduced defects

o   increased air tightness

o   reduced quantity of site labour

o   reduced working time at height (up to 80%)


  •    The timber industry successfully plants more trees than what is used, allowing for forestry growth
  •    Completely renewable source
  •    Carbon neutral material- lowest CO2 cost of all building materials

Flexible design

  •   Glulam products provide strength and design flexibility
  •   Lighter construction for foundations where there are poor ground conditions, which may limit building materials.