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If you are looking to Self Build a Timber Frame or SIPS house, Lowfield Timber Frames have the knowledge, experience and products to assist you with your build. We complete numerous Self Build contracts throughout our trading year, varying in material specification and also complexity and see this part of the industry as one of our key markets.

Everything that we do is bespoke, we have redeveloped our business to be able to service this market. We are used to dealing with multiple building types of moderate to really high complexity and pride ourselves in being able to deliver them on budget, and on time. 

We are also able to offer our Self Build customers a number of unique Service pack options depending on how you see your build progressing. Each one of our customers have a different view of what a Self Build is.

Hover your mouse over the Self Build tab at the top of this page to see a seperate tab appear for each service package options that are available to our Self Build customers.

Simply select your wall fabric and service package option send us your plans and we will return you a prompt quotation based on your choice. If you are not sure which wall fabric you need, call us and we will be pleased to help you decide which product is best for your specific project and budget.

Our philosophy is simple; Build Warm, Build Tight and Ventilate Right. Why not let us assist you in delivering your dream new home.